Immediate failure…

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The intent of the rally was to get people to come out and speak up about being godless.  I was fired up!  I was ready to quit being quiet about the nonsense that saturates our world.  I was prepared to stick up for what I (don’t) believe.  But…I was flying home the next day…

Shit!  The guy sitting next to me on a 3.5 hour flight, was a Christian missionary on his way home from Brazil, where he spent the last several weeks doing his best to convert those poor misguided Brazilians to Christianity.  Oh boy…

I wanted so bad to talk to the guy, yet I didn’t.  He sat there reading his Bible, complaining about how tired he was, and how long the flight was, etc.  His golden torture device swung back and forth from his neck, driven by the turbulent bumps of the plane.  Now and then his wife, who was sitting a couple rows and seats away, would say “we are almost there….our next mission is about to begin…”.  I wanted to puke.  Here sits a couple of Christian missionaries on a plane from Washington DC sitting in self-exaltation from their journey of forcing their supernatural beliefs onto unsuspecting people from another world…

Although I was not literally biting my tongue, I could still taste the blood.  I did not enter into discussion about where I was traveling from, or talk about what I thought of their egotistical self-righteousness.  Instead I politely ignored them, thinking that a long flight is not the appropriate location to discuss such things.

I am immediately a failure.

  1. kathy with a k says:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. I agree that a long flight would not be the best locale for such a discussion. There would be no ecscape!

    • Thanks Kathy. I didn’t note it, but there were other reasons that kept my tongue at bay. The lady on the other side of him kept praising his mission, and saying what a wonderful man he is. Then, while receiving my spicy tomato…the stewardess pointed out the wonderful book that my neighbor was reading.

      Uggh. From experience, there is no good way out of that, save for biting my tongue. Of course, that is a demonstration of how saturated our society is with such discussion, and how negative the stigma is that is associated with anyone who disagrees.

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