God Bless America…

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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This could possibly be the most annoying phrase in existence.  It is right up there with thanking Jesus for the home run, thanking God for finding your car keys, or announcing proof of a higher being because someone survived a tragedy.  Let’s come back to reality people.  Stimulate some of that unused grey matter, and knock off the bullshit.  Give the fairy tales a rest for a bit will you?  Do you really think that the creator of all of the universe has any interest in the football score?

Nonetheless….here we go into another election season.  God is going to be blessing America left and right.  Every time a politician gets within ten feet of a microphone, God will be invoked.  Mark my words. 

You know what I hear when that ridiculous phrase is regurgitated?  “…and to hell with everyone else!”.  That is pretty much what is intended by the statement anyway.  The creator of the universe is expected to give preferential treatment to one jackass, from some arbitrarily defined piece of ground on a rock hurtling through space around a star at the center of one of billions of galaxies.  Sorry folks, but that does not pass the straight-faced test.

Oh well…I am sure that I will be voting for the lesser of two evils, once again, and regardless of which way I vote, it will be for a numbskull who wears his religion on his sleeve.  It is depressing.


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