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Nice!  Especially for those of you in the western Colorado area. 

This is sponsored by “Humanists Doing Good” and is occurring in Grand Junction on July 21st.  It is an all day affair, but the best part….wait….IT”S FREE!!!!

Hopefully see you there!


…if you could live in a world of metaphors and flexible interpretations?  A place where you could metaphorically explain away anything in your life instruction manual that does not suit your needs?

Too bad there is no such thing.  Instruction manuals for your meaning are bullshit.

Doubly for anyone who claims they know how to interpret them…

I have brought this subject up before, on a local scale.  We have a 5-6 block length of very important roadway in Durango, which is signed (by the City) that parking is not allowed, except for church.  WTF?

I drive this road every day, and it pisses me off every time.  Why should the City and County subsidize an entire roadway to serve as a parking lot for a bunch of churches?

Their tax-free income comes from tax-deductible “donations”, which pay for their tax-free property, in their tax-free structures, enhanced by their tax-free sales and tax-free investments, further enhanced by their tax-free “fundraisers”.

They don’t pay a dime towards striping that street, maintaining the road surface, removing snow, sweeping salt/sand, maintaining curbs/gutters, postings signs (including their discriminatory ones), marking crosswalks, or anything else that goes along with public taxpayer money.  Yet…yet…they get the privilege to ‘own’ the street whenever they want.  I CALL BULLSHIT!!


How do you prove that you are at church?  There are no hours listed.   Maybe you are re-stocking the child porn section after hours.  Maybe you are transferring the sacks of gold during non-service hours.  Maybe…perhaps…you are there for a tax-exempt Tuesday night fundraiser to help install fiber optic video-conferencing for the pastor.  Who knows?  Is it defined anywhere?  Not that I could find…In any event – I am sick and tired of the general public subsidizing fantasyland.

One of my favorite bloggers posted a great depiction of exactly what is happening elsewhere…by law:


As I type this, my brethren…the Durango Skeptics and Atheists, are having their monthly meeting.  I am afraid I could not make it, but I hope at some point we can take this up.  One would think it is a simple case of shutting down the public subsidized fantasyland, but it would include a battle with many churches.

I am ready!

I have not read his book yet. But it is on my list. Attack of the Theocrats.

Just in case you didn’t get your Jefferies fix during my last post.

His “Can’t punch women in the face” is an inside joke from earlier in the night…if you wondered…

I just spent the majority of Thursday evening chatting with Durango atheists, where I am a proud member of the Durango Skeptics and Atheists Meetup (also

Durango, Colorado is a small town in the southwestern extreme of the state. Relatively small potatoes. It is a town surrounded by long and strong histories of Christian homesteading, tribal culture, and college induced hippie love.

Yet…we amassed teachers, moms, engineers, computer scientists, archaeologists, biologists, mathematicians, students, and plain-old-Joes in a small bar to discuss the finer points of rational thought….AGAIN! This small sample size unscientifically tells me that there is a significant population of heathens around.

One point I took away, was that folks are hesitant to “label” themselves as atheist. I remind them…’atheist’ is no different than ‘atypical’. Non-typical. Non-theist. Same same. No belief or faith involved.

Being non-theist simply means that you are not a theist. It does not mean that you have a ‘faith’ in no-faith. Don’t fall for this. The fundies have already written this into their playbook amendment to the Bible, and cannot seem to bring up anything else when they attempt to discredit atheists. (Eric Hovind, and Sye Ten Bruggencate are the gods for the followers of this) Pathetic as they may be.

Regardless….I have partaken in the barley soda family a few times this evening. I must leave now, before creating potential inebriation typing regret.