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Better start preparing your excuses now...

I wonder just how long it will take for people to give up their hatred. I predict that there will be a direct correlation between that day, and the loss of the religious majority.



The Pope pays a visit to Mexico...

I get chastised a bit for my crude language regarding the pope. It feels good to see our Mexican brethren reflecting my sentiment during his recent visit.

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Get off the God standard...

Yet another sign that I must rely on for…

Get out!

Another sign I loved from the rally. I never got a good picture of it, but did.

Nate Phelps

With Westboro Baptist protestors present, Nate got some of the biggest applause. He is the son of Fred Phelps, the despicable moron responsible for all of the “God Hates Fags” nonsense. He gave a heartfelt speech about being abused as a child, about the dangers of dogma, about being outcast from his family (who were in sight from the stage), and about the need for atheists to be heard.

[I still think “God Hates FAQs” would be the best rebuttal. I was disappointed that I didn’t see one.]