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Very nice collection from our online atheist community. Thanks to all.


Hubble has shown us pictures of clusters of galaxies, each containing billions of stars.

We cannot define the limits of our universe, yet there are some that claim to know exactly what lies within it, who created it, and what it is allegedly there for.

I fail to grasp the concept of such arrogant behavior.

PZ Myers put this video up today, which appears to be a compilation put together by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

I cannot believe how proud they are to announce that they proselytize all over the world, on the U.S. Government dime. Unreal.

Knuckle-dragging, mouth breathing, science-hating, zombie-loving republicans just cannot resist the urge to force their religious mumbo jumbo on the rest of society, via the law.

Not to be outdone by quack Senator Vitter’s senate version, 39 of the quacks in the House have introduced a resolution to allow school boards to pray, while in session.  Brilliant!

Here are some snippets:

Whereas the United States was founded on the principle of freedom of religion and not freedom from religion;

Resolved, That the House of Representatives… expresses support for the voluntary practice of prayer at the beginning of meetings of legislative bodies and other deliberative public bodies, including school board meetings.

…the practice of opening sessions of legislative bodies and other deliberative public bodies with prayer is so deeply embedded in the history and tradition of the United States that it has become part of the fabric of society

Brought to you by the same jackasses who brought you freedom fries…Whoopee!

I have been busy….so I will just plagiarize other posts for now.

Texas has been on my shit list for years.  Their backward thinking school boards and legislature have inserted religion into their laws to the detriment of its citizens.  Ridiculous religion-based notions common in the Bible Belt have proven to offer up (per capita) the most teen pregnancies, most STDs, highest poverty rates, the lowest federal revenue/spend ratios, highest divorce rates, highest crime rates, highest rates of adultery, lowest education competencies, etc.  Texas typically leads the way.

However, North Carolina today proudly announced an amendment to their State Constitution that strictly defines marriage as that only between one man and one woman.  Brilliant!

These religion-induced homophobics have convinced each other that the Constitution of their state was flawed.  How dare they allow queers to have the same rights and privileges that the heteros have.  Outrageous!

This will backfire eventually, just like the rest of the skydaddy laws they manage to get through the legislature.  In the meantime, I will statistically assess their progress.

More to come…

I love this recap. The Thinking Atheist is my favorite YouTuber, and his take on the rally echoes mine. Despite the fact that I was lucky enough to mingle with the speakers and promoters of the rally, I didn’t need to make any effort to speak with people who just wanted to be there. Everyone just seemed to be elated and excited to see so many others who cherish secular ways.

I spent the night after the rally in conversations with a professor from Arkansas, a post-grad student of physics, an oil-worker, several YouTubers, the emcee, several of the speakers, and a myriad of folks who just sat for a few minutes to hear the discussion. It was awesome! All open to anyone, at the Marriott convention center.

The general feeling…from ALL…was just happiness. It felt great to sit and discuss things amidst others who have obviously put much thought into the position that they painfully defend. It is not easy. It is not simple. We all took comfort in the fact that…we are many!