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I love this recap. The Thinking Atheist is my favorite YouTuber, and his take on the rally echoes mine. Despite the fact that I was lucky enough to mingle with the speakers and promoters of the rally, I didn’t need to make any effort to speak with people who just wanted to be there. Everyone just seemed to be elated and excited to see so many others who cherish secular ways.

I spent the night after the rally in conversations with a professor from Arkansas, a post-grad student of physics, an oil-worker, several YouTubers, the emcee, several of the speakers, and a myriad of folks who just sat for a few minutes to hear the discussion. It was awesome! All open to anyone, at the Marriott convention center.

The general feeling…from ALL…was just happiness. It felt great to sit and discuss things amidst others who have obviously put much thought into the position that they painfully defend. It is not easy. It is not simple. We all took comfort in the fact that…we are many!


Pardon my camera in your bedroom...

No commentary should be needed, except for crediting this great blog.

The Pope pays a visit to Mexico...

I get chastised a bit for my crude language regarding the pope. It feels good to see our Mexican brethren reflecting my sentiment during his recent visit.

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Should This Bother Me?

Sorry for the lousy photo, but I took it while…errr…uh…on the move. Although this seems so minor in and of itself, it is only one small piece of a massive conglomerate of religious exemption.

That church doesn’t pay the taxes that pay for the road, the parking, the snow removal, the parking enforcement, etc. They are exempt from paying taxes. To make matters worse, tax revenues are reduced even further by the tax exemption that the church members benefit from by their self-reported donations to the church that gets special benefits.

Roadway rules are not exempted for the soup kitchen, the big sales at local shops, the broken down cars, or any other reason. Yet they are excepted for church services.

Call me an asshole, but this is not right.